Roads & Bridge Construction

Roads & Bridge Construction

Whether you are a public or private owner, Goshen Company will achieve your project goals through integrated resources that are professionally managed, soundly financed, and strategically positioned to meet your needs. 

Goshen Company works within several core sectors in the transportation industry that include earthwork, utility relocation, drainage, concrete structures, concrete and asphalt paving as well as aggregate production and the manufacture of concrete and asphalt pavement. We continue to self-perform most of the work we have under contract in the Uganda, an important factor when evaluating client scheduling and cost management. Our self-performing “Core Sectors” continue to set Lane apart as a resourceful and reliable industry leader.


Building roads inevitably leads to building bridges. In Africa, major routes require several bridge crossings, with each having its own unique design requirements arising out of its location and purpose. New bridge projects are planned by our own engineering team, and supported where necessary, by independent consultants. Construction methods are chosen to suit the terrain, the environment and the locale.

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